You're ready for a whole new look

You're ready for a whole new look

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You're ready for a whole new look

  You've decided to make over your home. You're ready for a whole new look. First, you're going to change your fuiture. You've already determined that you cannot afford to buy a whole new houseful of fuiture, so you're going with slipcovers. Next problem: you don't like any of the slipcovers you see on the rack. Somehow, none of them seem just right. Plus, your fuiture is over-sized and you haven't been able to find any mass-produced covers to fit. Are you stuck? Do you have to just live with Tent Fabric Manufacturers ugly fuiture, or buy new fuiture altogether? No, not at all. There is still one more option—custom slipcovers.

  Just as the name suggests, custom slipcovers are made to order. You specify the sizes, you choose the fabrics, and you suggest any "special" touches you want. Yes, it will cost a bit more than the covers you can buy off the rack, but it will still be much less expensive than buying new fuiture. And, when it's finished, you will have slipcovers that were made just for you.

  To find someone to make your custom slipcovers, start locally. The benefits to this are numerous. Someone who is local will likely come out and take the measurements of your fuiture. This way you are guaranteed to get a truly custom fit. And, if there are problems, it is easier to get them addressed if the designer is local. In addition, you will not have to pay shipping.

  First, look in your local Yellow Pages. They will usually have sections for slipcovers, seamstresses, sewing, fabrics, etc. Also check at your local fabric stores. The clerks at these stores often perform sewing jobs on the side. They also often maintain lists of people looking for that type of work. Some even have a bulletin board for job postings such as this.

  If all else fails and you cannot find a local to create your cover, consider doing an Inteet search for custom slipcovers. Many companies across the nation will create a custom slipcover for you. Just make sure you understand the correct way to measure your fuiture. Inaccurate measurements will render the custom slipcovers useless.

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